mnib - Markus' Commodore disk nibbler (24-January-2003)

mnib FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

mnib is a disk transfer program designed for copying even copy protected original disks into the G64 and D64 disk image formats. These disk images may be used on C64 emulators like VICE or CCS64.

Currently, it is not possible to copy back images to real C64 disks.

This program uses code from Michael Klein's excellent cbm4linux, covered by the GPL. Therefore mnib also is distributed under the GPL. The source code is available as CVS archive:


Extract all files in the zip archive into one directory. Boot to DOS and run mnib by typing:

mnib name

mnib will create a data file with the specified output name. Use n2g to convert this into a G64 disk image, or n2d to generate a D64 disk image:

n2g name
n2d name

Tim Schürmann wrote an excellent article on mnib (German only)


Open Issues


Wolfgang Moser's excellent LPT-Detect and XCD-Detect programs.
Burstnibbler 1.9 Instructions (thanks to Chris Link)
Harald Seeley on v-max! (usenet postings)
Rapidlok documentation (Kracker Jax Revealed, thanks Forrest!)
Burstnibbler 1.9 floppy side code disassembly
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My talk on 1541 copy protections from VCFe V. 3.0

Bonus Stuff Floppy ROM dumper. Works with parallel cable, only. Please mail me your floppy ROM. (Version 0.12, 12. February 2004. Improved auto-detection of drives and cables)

PC with 1541, front PC with 1541, back 1541 PCB view parallel cable soldered on via, from above parallel cable soldered on via, from back parallel cable soldered on via, from front 1541-II PCB with cut VIA trace