The Standing Stones - And What Lies Beneath

The Standing Stones Cover

They were more clever than we, the Ancients who raised these monoliths. They were unfettered by the mental grammar we call logic, and possessed of magic, the original technology. Against the sky they set the standing stones to challenge us and for centuries we puzzled over their meaning, all the while ignorant of their true design. For the wonders lay beneath these slabs of adamant, hidden in a dungeon fifteen levels deep, guarded by horrors beyond the dreams of the insane. And here you have come, gentle adventurer, filled with fervor, ardent for some desperate glory, innocent of the powers and treasures of that earlier time. Fine. It's your life. Just don't come whining to us about how terrible it was down there.

Peter SchmuckalDesign and C64 version
Dan SommersDesign

Patch for a d64 disk image:

$152e3$04 -> $00
$152e4$60 -> $f1
$152e5$07 -> $d5
$152e6$17 -> $55