(Is Daphne Worth All This?)

Dragon's Lair

The Adventures of Dirk the Daring

Dragon's Lair

You slashed past snapping skulls, swung over fiery chasms and battled phantom knights to get here. Now you face the meanest pile of fire-breathing, scale-covered flesh ever - Singe the Dragon. And he's got Princess Daphne. Dodging his fiery blasts, you draw your sword and charge toward the smoking behemoth. The final battle begins.

Escape from Singe's Castle

Singe's smelly dead body is still warm when a 10-foot Lizard King and his band of evil thugs inherit Singe's Castle. Dodge deadly boulders. Ride the Phantom Horse and survive the treacherous Throne Room. Finally, come face to face with the ghoulish mud monsters. Exterminate them all and escape with your fortune in gold.