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This page hosts a couple of programs I wrote for Commodore machines and/or emulators. For now you can download:

mtap MS-DOS tool for creating real tape files (.TAP files) from original C64, VIC-20 and C16 tapes using the Commodore Datasette. Requires you to either connect your C64 with Datassette to the PC using an X(E/A)1541 cable or directly connect the Datassette to the C64S tape interface. *NEW* You can also use a C16/C116/Plus4-style 1531 (black) datassette using the x1531 tape connector. (Version 0.36, 09-Jun-02)
ptap MS-DOS tool for playing back .TAP files to real tapes for use with an actual Commodore 64 machine. Requires the C64S tape adapter. Supports X(E/A)1541 cables via TAPSERV and also works for C16/Plus4 TAPs (no halfwaves yet). *NEW* Fixed a long-standing issue with timer initialization which broke ptap for a number of people. (Version 0.37, 27-Mar-15)
mcart is a command line tool for generating C64 emulator cartridge files (.CRT) from C64 cartridge ROM dumps. ROM dumps can either be in .PRG form (first two bytes are start address of ROM dump in low-high byte order) or plain data files (.ROM suffix). (Version 0.64, 25-Apr-06)
s2g s2g converts Zipcode Collection 2.0 type 'sixpacked' archives into C64 emulator related .G64 disk images. Source included. (Version 0.14, 03-AUG-00)
mnib mnib is a disk transfer program designed for copying even copy protected original disks into G64 and D64 disk image formats.
crc *NEW*crc is a small stand-alone CRC calculator; useful for comparing D64 disk images or raw cartridge dumps. Includes source. (Version 0.20, uploaded 22-Feb-04)


CRT Dump your cartridges! Read the Instructions and downlad mdump (Version 0.2), a dumping tool for your C64.
C2N justage Hardware hack that lets you easily adjust your Datasette without additional software (German).
C128 Docs A collection of Docs related to the Commodore 128. Articles covering the memory management and VDC video chip from German 64'er magazine.
EA Logo The Electronic Arts Index is a list of Electronic Arts games published for the C64. It features a chronological listing as well as descriptions (folder texts) and cover scans of selected titles.


Ultima Minstrel's Ultima Music Conservatory - Ultima MIDIs and sheet music, converted from the C64 and Apple II versions.
List The Commodore C-64 Cartridge List compiled By Scott 'Steg' Hansen and Bob 'DONT FEAR' Taylor. Please help those guys out with missing information!
CIA Ben Castricum's Site has it all - Cartridges, ROM Dumps, Tools, Demos, .TAPes, Disk images. Check it out!
Project 64 Project 64 has old Commodore related text documents in electronic (etext) form. Most prominent are the Programmer's Manual and the 1541 disk drive user's guide.
The Fort The comp.emulators.cbm Gallery. See how old hackers look like...
Joystick Connect your digital joystick to the analog gameport of the PC! (Heikki Kosola)


VICE The Versatile Commodore Emulator, handles correct PAL/NTSC timing, runs C128 software, has powerful monitor/trace functions and is free software. An awesome emulator!
CCS64 CCS64 - Powerful Shareware Commodore 64 emulator. Exact 64/1541 emulation, best SID emulation, true tape and cartridge emulation.
PC64 Last version of PC64. No longer in development. Very fast though not 100% exact emulation, doesn't run fastloaders. Still great for slow machines, performs very well even on a 486/66.
C64S Miha Peternel's C64S is another Shareware emulator, distributed by phs. Special features: supports real 1541 and Datasette using X1541 adapter and parallel port Cassette interface.
YAPE Attila Grosz' wrote the first Plus/4 emulator to support TAP files!


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